World’s Largest Quran Worth $1.3 Million Exhibited in Tatarstan

The Russian republic of Tatarstan played host to the World’s Largest Quran when it was unveiled in the capital city, Kazan. Made by the Italian company Reverra Ltd., the world’s largest Quran was ordered by former Tatarstan president and state advisor Mintimir Saymivey, the head of Tatarstan Historical Artifacts Rejuvenation Foundation.

The World's largest Quran features gold, silver and precious stones
The World's largest Quran features gold, silver and precious stones

The Muslim Holy Book weighs a stunning 800 kilos (1763 pounds ) of which 120 kilos (264 pounds) are of the frame cover alone. The Quran is 1.5 m by 2 m, and 3 m by 2 m if unfolded.  The gold- and silver-encrusted cover studded with malachite and semi-precious stones holds a giant turquoise 14 centimeters in diameter.

The book, which cost exceeded one million euro ($1.3million), is produced by ARC Group, a Slovenian-owned company based in Gorizia.

The Quran will be placed on the first floor of the Kazan’s Qol Sharif mosque until June 2012, when it will be moved to the town of Bolgar, the ancient capital of the Volga Bulgars, the ancestors of the present-day Tatars who converted to Islam in 922.

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