$200,000 Emerald Sunglasses For A Richer World View

Shiels Emerald Sunglasses

Australia-based Shiels jewelers designed luxury Emerald Sunglasses priced at $200,000. These glasses were inspired in Rome by a Roman emperor named Nero, who is believed to be watching gladiator fights through polished light emerald green gems held up to his eyes. Emerald Sunglasses are the second world’s most expensive sunglasses after the Dolce & Gabanna DG2027B framed in gold, and priced at $383,609.

The frames are made from 18-carat gold and diamonds. The emeralds for the lenses in the glasses took five years to source and almost three months to shape, polish and cut. Crafted from precious, premium materials and showcasing an exquisite frame, the opulent sunglasses which Shiels’ managing director, Albert Bensimon says have received much attention, are currently sought by an international superstar who’d love to purchase them ASAP. There is one international star who would like to get his hands on them, a very well-known person – I won’t say who it is but for him, I might part with them, he stated.

Luxury sunglasses are scheduled to go on display in the Shiels Carillion store window starting today running through Sunday and they will be flanked by security guards around-the-clock, standing by to protect these precious luxury goods. [The West]

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Written by Slamchica

Aleksandra Arsenovic graduated with a degree in economics and has a master degree in tourism. Since she worked as a travel agent, she has traveled around the world and developed an interest in luxurious hotels and exotic destinations. As a big fashion fan, Aleksandra loves expensive and luxury fashion items. As an editor of Extravaganzi she shares her knowledge about travels, fashion and accessories.


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