Watch Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi from Yas Hotel Balcony

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Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Asymptote Architecture’s design is a truly unique concept born from a love of Formula 1 and the inspiration of speed. The 85,000 sq m, 500 room complex is situated in the heart of the new Formula 1 circuit in Abu Dhabi. The curvilinear form of the Yas Hotel has been designed, and appears as, an icon of the event, one which in legacy is sure to encourage Formula 1 success in the UAE capital. It is the first hotel ever to span a Grand Prix race track, its bridge allowing an unparalleled view of the action to lucky guests. Of architectural and engineering significance is the main feature of the project’s design, a 217-meter expanse of sweeping, curvilinear forms constructed of steel and 5,800 pivoting diamond-shaped glass panels. This Grid-Shell component affords the building an architecture comprised of an atmospheric-like veil that contains two hotel towers and a link bridge constructed as a monocoque sculpted steel object passing above the Formula 1 track that makes its way through the building complex. The Grid-Shell visually connects and fuses the entire complex together while producing optical effects and spectral reflections that play against the surrounding sky, sea and desert landscape. If you wish to stay in this hotel while in Abu Dhabi, You can booked your room at the official presentation of Yas Hotel.

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