Autopia Europia – The World Biggest Car Mall Has Rooftop Racetrack

Those ambitious Turks in Istanbul must be planning to sell a lot of cars. They’re building the gigantic Autopia Europia auto mall, the biggest in the world, giving you a full race track on top to test cars before you drive one home.
Autopia Europia

Autopia Europia

Under construction now, the five-story, 708,661-square-foot building will have room for 2,426 models from over 400 brands. As you can expect, its designers don’t envision Autopia Europia as a car dealership, but rather a car mall featuring 200 individual showrooms, 48 service stations, 42 insurance companies and 24 banks. The most interesting part of Autopia Europia – the circuit is built on the roof, which will allow prospective customers to test the machine without leaving the perimeter of the dealer. To make things more pleasant for drivers, the entire complex can be visited by car and Turks are expected to be around 6 million visitors annually.

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