Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones – What Makes an Audiophile?

Being an audiophile has to be a frustrating endeavor. When do you stop? When will you get speakers or headphones so that your music will be the most stereophonically pure sound you’ve ever listened to? Well, Ultrasone wants to help with their new Edition 8 Headphones.

Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones
Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones

The Edition 8 Limited is a dark brown and silver closed-back headphone that employs Ultrasone’s S-Logic Plus technology, resulting in an impartial acoustic feeling that affords the listener the utmost spacious tonal perception, according to the company. Ultrasone’s newest headphones also contain MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) designed to reduce the amount of radiation directed to the listener by up to 98%, as compared to conventional headphones.

Each earcups on the Edition 8 headphone is finished with palladium, a rare material that increases durability and limits tarnishing and embossed with a high-tech ceramic inlay. The frequency range is said to be 42 Hz and the cord length is 1.2meters with extension option of 4meters. The Adapter and plus are 3.5mm and plated in gold.

Each Edition 8 Limited headphone is housed in a stately wooden box for safe storage and transportation. As there will only be 888 Edition 8 headphones produced, Ultrasone has individually stamped each headphone with its own serial number. If you want to be part of the elite, the Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones will be available next month for $1700 at Ultrasone.

Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones
Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones

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