Racing into the Virtual World – Atomic A1 Motion Simulator

Atomic A1 Motion Simulator
Atomic A1 Motion Simulator Racing into the virtual world, we have featured a number of high-end simulators that keep the adrenalin level rushing in utmost reality. The latest is the Atomic A1 Motion Simulator from UK-based JoyRide. Displayed at the GamesCom, the Atomic A1 is a small and adjustable simulation unit, which is made ideally for the living room space with a racing car seat, steering wheel, peddle controllers and a joystick. The unit works by relaying in-game events to the user through force-feedback in the form of tilting, shaking and generally throwing the user about much as they would experience in a real vehicle. The A1 boasts impressive stats in this regard: the unit can pitch and roll up to 27 degrees, with ForceAssist technology promising to deliver maximum punch whilst minimising power usage. The A1 requires around 150w of power. The Atomic A1 can be used with any screen configuration, including a television, PC monitor and full immersion screen setup. The integrated Simphynity software gives riders access to over 60 games, including racing, flying and roller coaster games, without the need for a third party interface.  The only big downside is the fact that the Atomic A1 isn’t currently compatible with PS3 or Xbox 360 games. Atomic A1 Motion Simulator Atomic A1 Motion Simulator Of course, the Atomic A1 is not the only hardware out there for serious sim-lovers. The i-Motion, a high-end simulator chair from Canadian firm VRX Industries, boasts a 3-screen display powered by NVIDIA GeForce surround vision technology, as well as PS3 and Xbox 360 support, and costs an eye-watering $27,995. The decision not to include expensive visual hardware has helped JoyRide keep the cost of their unit much lower. The Atomic A1 retails at £5,140  ($7,950), which puts it within reach of hobbyists, albeit those with a big budget for their gaming thrills. Both the i-Motion and the Atomic A1 are also available to hire for parties and events. The Atomic A1 Motion Simulator is currently only available direct from JoyRide, who ship the product worldwide. Atomic A1 Motion Simulator Atomic A1 Motion Simulator Atomic A1 Motion Simulator Atomic A1 Motion Simulator

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