Kyle Buckner’s Hand Made Lounge Chair

Kyle Buckner’s Lounge Chair
Kyle Buckner’s Lounge Chair This comfortable Lounge Chair was created by american designer Kyle Buckner. The Lounge Chair is made up of 152 layers of pine wood and is finished in red mahogany stain and cushioned leather upholstery pads for best comfort. The chair has grooves to form the body, which makes it perfect for lounging around or even serve as a gaming chair. Simple line of this lounge chair and its beauty will surely attract your attention. If You like Lounge Chair check out more Kyle Buckner’s uniquely designed pieces of furniture.

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  1. @Kyle Buckner & @Admin
    Today, I was searched for comfortable ergonomic chairs, office chairs, swing chairs and lounge chairs. I was surprised to see design of Yoyo Swing Chair and than Kyle Buckner’s lounge chair. It’s really nice wood finish chair.

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