KOHLER Cast Iron BubbleMassage Baths Enhance Your Bathing Experience

KOHLER Cast Iron BubbleMassage Baths
KOHLER Cast Iron BubbleMassage Baths Combining the strength of Kohler Cast Iron and the benefits of Kohler BubbleMassage, the new Kohler Cast Iron BubbleMassage Baths enhance your bathing experience by enveloping you in a cushion of massaging bubbles. Available with 18 levels of adjustability, zones of control and chromotherapy, the Kohler BubbleMassage Bath also has targeted jets with a 360-degree staggered airjet design that simply enhance your spa experience as it transcends your mind and body to a world of high relaxation. A variable-speed motor with an integral heater delivers a range of water treatments, from light bubbling to revitalizing massage, while innovative airjets are precisely positioned to completely embrace you with bubbling water. After the bath is drained, sensors activate an automatic cycle to flush out any residual water from the air channels. You also have the option of manually activating a manual purge cycle. There is a range of Kohler Cast Iron BubbleMassage Baths models available in a range of color options, including the Tea-for-Two BubbleMassage Baths in different sizes, Kathryn 5.5′ BubbleMassage Baths, Iron Works 5.5′ BubbleMassage Baths and the Memoirs 5′ BubbleMassage Baths.

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