Everybody Wins At The Oscars – $75,000 Worth Gift Bag For The Losers

Of course that each nominated for an Oscar would like to win. But even if don’t win, they will receive an extra gift as consolation. The Consolation Bags are designed to assuage some of the pain of losing are valued at $75,000. The swag bag getting the most attention this year was put together by Distinctive Assets, a Los Angeles company that specializes in celebrity placement, product introduction and branding opportunities. Distinctive Assets is careful to point out that its Everybody Wins at the Oscars nominee gift bag delivery, now in its ninth year, is in no way affiliated with any official Oscar Bag or AMPAS. The big-ticket items are a $5,000 all-inclusive week-long fitness retreat from Live In Fitness Enterprise, a $12,000 Belize getaway to the private island of Cayo Espanto and a $16,000 all-inclusive getaway courtesy of Premier Tours to Huvafen Fushi luxury resort in the Maldives. The bag also contains less valuable gifts: Virgin Galactic limited edition sub-orbital space craft scale model, the Kim Kardashian Signature Watch Collection, blu Cigs special edition electronic cigarettes, Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit, Italian silk neckwear and Swarovski crystals. Cheapest of these less valuable gifts costs $100. I read somewhere that the bags are only going to the also-rans in those three major categories: the best director, the best actor and the best actress. So, how Everybody Wins at the Oscars? I wonder, why should they get $75,000 worth gift? They already have enough!

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