Sabatino North America Brings Luxury Truffle In Boston

Sabatino & Co, an Italian company known for its truffles is planning to open a gourmet-food and skin-care boutique that promises to bring the Mediterranean experience to Boston’s chic Newbury Street. Sabatino North America is the largest importer and manufacturer of truffle products in the US, and truffle supplier to esteemed restaurants like Per Se and Jean Georges and now is opening its first US retail store Sabatino & Co Roma in Boston on March 24, with outlets to follow in New York, LA and San Francisco by the end of the year. In addition to non-truffled gourmet mustards, vinegars and prepared appetizers, the store will offer truffle-infused olive oils, sauces, spreads and even candles and skincare items. Sabatino & Co CEO Gabriel Balestra assures us that the fungi have lightening, lifting, and hydrating properties for the skin. For those who are impatient, Sabatino & Co’s first national retail site will launch on March 21. [Luxist]

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