BMW M3 Pickup – Someone at BMW Has Gone Seriously Crazy

BMW M3 Pickup BMW M3 Pickup A BMW M3 Pickup has been spotted doing hot laps at the world famous Nürburgring racetrack. This is the same V-8-powered BMW M3 that is renowned as one of the world’s hottest, sportiest and all around lust-worthy German sports machines. A BMW spokesperson has now confirmed to Road & Track that the M3 Pickup spotted in Germany is simply a one-off test mule. BMW M did indeed create the pickup seen on the ’Ring, but it was just an internal project, not something that is in development, explained Dave Buchko, BMW Advanced Powertrain & Heritage Communications Manager. There are no plans to produce it. Set to arrive in 2012, the next BMW 3 Series will showcase everything from a range of turbocharged 4-cylinder engines to a hybrid model and 5-door hatchback (designed in the same mold as the 5 Series GT). But, the 3 Series and M3 family tree will not include a pickup. The M3 pickup is a one-off parts hauler for ZTechnik or another BMW motorcycle accessory builder. What really has thrown off a lot of people was the funky BMW camouflage usually used on test mules, but this time around, probably just a prank to create publicity, says BMWBLOG.

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