Unique Cavicchi Billiard Table Designed as a Piece of Furniture

Billiard Mod. 'Klimt' Unique Cavicchi Billiard Table Pool table is basically a tool to play, but in this case, Cavicchi’s Klimt The Pool, stands as a piece of furniture designed to illuminate a room in the style luxury. The table is completed hand painted with gold leaf parts and detailed work showcasing undoubted opulence. Cavicchi has been producing billiard tables since 1938 and they are used by FIBIS for domestic and international competitions. The Italian company deals in antique billiards and attends not just to the sale, but also to the restoration, maintenance and repair of high quality and value billiard tables. Billiard with strong structure, made with fine timbers in solid, guarantee of high performance gaming, which characterize all Cavicchi’s Billiards. It also handpainted with Gustav Klimt’s technique. Dimensions are customizable, and also is avaible in Russian Pyramid professional size, with eight bases. Price is available on request. [Cavicchi] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puoDeUlVOvs[/youtube] Billiard Mod. 'Klimt' Billiard Mod. 'Klimt'  

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