Bid For Your Personal Lighthouse

Kenosha North Pierhead Light The U.S. General Services Administration has put three decommissioned Lighthouses for sale via public auction. The lighthouses was first made available to other government agencies and non-profit organizations, but a new owner was not found. First one is the Kenosha North Pierhead Light in Wisconsin, which today keeps the price of $13,000. The price for the Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light, which is in Ohio, has risen to $39,500. The bidding for this two ends on Wednesday afternoon. Another lighthouse in Ohio, the Conneaut Harbor West Breakwater Light is open for bidding until July 20. It had received one bid for $5,000, possibly because it could not easily be converted into a home or bed and breakfast. GSA is also offering 12 historic lighthouses for free, though takers must be eligible state or local entities, nonprofit corporations, historic preservation groups, or community development organizations. They are: San Pedro’s Point Fermin Light, California; Fowey Rocks Light, Florida; Ile aux Galetts Light, Michigan; Port Austin Reef Light, Michigan; Alpena Light, Michigan; Brandywine Shoal Light, New Jersey; Ship John Shoal Light, New Jersey; Miah Maull Shoal Light, New Jersey; Race Rock Light, New York; Orient Point Light, New York; Point Tuna (Punta Tuna) Light, Puerto Rico and Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse, Wisconsin. [GSA]

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