Jennifer Lopez Got $1 Million for One-night Performance

Jennifer Lopez -

Jennifer Lopez

After the end of her 7-year marriage to Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez heals grief by working. Only few days after announcing the divorce, 41 years old star sang at the lavish wedding of the son of Azam Aslamov, a Uzbek oil tycoon and for that one-night performance, she was paid $1 million. Wedding celebration took place at the Crimean Aivazovskii Hotel on the Black Sea coast. The lavish wedding itself is reported to have cost up to $15 million, with 500 guests, some of the arriving via helicopter; super-tight security and 100 waiters presiding over the feast. The entire hotel staff – including cleaners and cooks – was sent away for the week of July 17-20, and the location was closed to visitors during this time, except for those with permits. Lopez arrived in Ukraine with a large entourage of dancers, backup singers and make-up artists and she stayed in a luxury $4,100-a-night penthouse suite of the hotel Ville Elena. The hotel stuff said that Jennifer was very pleasant and smiled a lot despite her recent heartbreak. Once on stage, Jennifer apparently exclaimed: Are you happy? I am happy, because I am here with you today! Why wouldn’t she be happy, when she earned $1million just for one night?!

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