Savage Jungle – Private Island With 26 Waterfalls for Sale

Savage Jungle Inc. (Jungla Salvaje S.A.) is a private island luxury resort project on nine miles of protected, pristine, untouched rainforest that includes a natural preserve of 3 lakes, 2 rivers and 26 cascading waterfalls throughout that fall 100-feet or more on an uninhabited island, the remainder is a protected national park. Nestled in the world-famed but untamed Patagonia region of Chile’s rugged south, this nine-mile property provides the only access and the only developable embarkation point for adventures into Isla Magdalena National Park, an island the size of the main island of Hawaii with 790-square-miles or 2,025-square-kilometers of untouched temperate jungle. Savage Jungle - Private Island Resort Property in Chile The motivated seller, while posting this massively-reduced price of only $3,6 million has two offers for $7 million, but they are thus far unable to close deals to come up with the cash due to the capital crisis. The future holds a lot of promise, economically so, as estimates show a possible revenue opportunity of $110 million over the next 5 year period, from tourism alone here may arise. We can say, there is 3,6 million reasons for buying this luxury private island resort property. There are no five-star hotels in the state-sized region where Savage Jungle is located. There is only one lodge with four-star American standards where 187,000 tourists who visit the National Park can stay. Existing runway capable of a corporate jet in closest possible location to hotel construction. Ten years of work completed so that you can benefit from a 10-year barrier to entry to any competitors in the state-sized region (more likely 10-20 years) and enjoy a 790-square-mile island all to yourself. Environmental Impact study and permit for hydro-electric plant has already been obtained. This means ample opportunities for development. Antoine Predock, an international award winning architect has prepared the 3D model for the upcoming 5-star resort. The location of this resort is stated to be above 26 of the waterfalls; hence the views from the resort will be nothing short of magical. For more information view the Savage Jungle web site. Savage Jungle - Private Island Resort Property in Chile Savage Jungle - Private Island Resort Property in Chile Savage Jungle - Private Island Resort Property in Chile

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