World’s Most Expensive Bicycle Saddles by Crown Saddle

Crown Saddle, German luxury saddle-manufacturer, which was founded in 2010, has created the world’s most expensive bicycles’ saddles. The saddles have been designed with some high end treatment and use of materials like leather and carbon fiber to look like a work of art. The three new models launched by them recently are Konig Freidrich, Graf Ludwig and Herzog Ebarhardt. Herzog Ebhardt Saddle
The Konig Friedrich saddle has an extremely light carbon fiber body with Kevlar rowings, with intricate work of gold in artistic pattern with airbrush finishing. Due to the carbon presence, the weight of this unit is extremely light, making it ideal for the track or simply the road well. You can also pick up the seat in with a rhodium, gold or platinum plating options. Konig Freidrich is being released in a limited edition of 80 pieces. The Graf Ludwig saddle is much heavier and comes with a nappa leather grey and white cover, which has been double pipe stitched to perfection. The artwork on the carbon fiber and Kevlar Rowling seat has been rhodium plated, however gold or platinum options are available as well. As for the leather, colour options exist for that as well. The Herzog Ebhardt saddle weighs somewhere between the two at 93 grams, is also limited to 80 units. This saddle has used carbon fiber and napple leather in perfect harmony, featuring aesthetics of both. The brush finished carbon fiber and Kevlar base, has intricate work of gold motifs, where as the leather fittings used is double stitched with fine craftsmanship. The price range for these saddles is between $1,772 for the cheapest version and $2,550 for the most expensive. [Crown Saddle]

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