The Diamond Encrusted Military Monopoly Costs Over $130,000

Leather-goods company Pemberton & Milner has teamed up with luxury jeweller Garrard to create Military Monopoly, an exquisite deluxe leather and silver version of the old family game. Priced at a whopping £100,000 (over $130,000), the Military Monopoly is a bejeweled version and has replaced places like Bond Street and Mayfair, with the likes of Royal Navy ships, Army units and RAF stations.

Diamond Military Monopoly

The whopping £100,000 price tag is thanks to the solid silver pieces that are the playing pieces – all in military regalia – including a Household Cavalry Helmet, a Royal Air Force jet, and a sailor’s cap. The hotels and houses playing pieces are also made with silver while the board itself is adorned with real diamonds. The dice are made from gold and diamonds too. Unlike other luxury goods that are expensive but needlessly so, the Military Monopoly will have a part of its profits to be donated to charities related to the armed forces of the UK. Funds raised by the game will go to The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and The RAF Benevolent Fund. The diamond encrusted Military Monopoly, will be available only by special order, at the Garrard flagship at 24 Albemarle Street, London W1. Elizabeth Finch Moore, of Pemberton and Milner, came up with the idea of the military-themed charity game because many of her family have served in the forces. It took her 18 months to get permission from Monopoly makers Hasbro to make the game and she has liaised with the Ministry of Defence. The Military Monopoly board, available only in limited edition, will be produced in two versions; Deluxe and Ultra Luxe. The Deluxe version, priced at £1,495 ($1,955), features a hand-printed leather board, with elements of hand embossing, whilst the Ultra Luxe (£3,500 ($4,580)) is entirely handmade, with each property square hand cut in lambskin and dyed so that the name that sits above the property is in the original Monopoly board colours. Beautifully embossed in silver, the playing board reverses to become the lid to the elegant boxed game. The interior is lined in a signature teal, silky suede and contains two lift-out trays for Bankers and Property. Players have bespoke cash and property wallets in which to hold their portfolio as they work their way around the board. Houses and Hotels are silver plate and each of the icons is handmade by the Peter Hicks Studio’s in-house sculptors. [Pemberton&Milner] For those who believe that a Gold And Jewel-Encrusted Monopoly set is a bit over the top, then perhaps this limited edition Star Trek Monopoly set may be more upto your tastes.

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