$4.000 Crane Lamp by Charlie Davidson Will Debut in Milan 2012

The former LEGO concept designer, Charlie Davidson, has created Crane Lamp – a 1:50 scale model of the worlds tallest crawler crane, which will appear before the audience at the exhibition Milan in 2012. This interesting lamp is actually good combination of construction and interior design. Davidson came up to idea long time ago, when he was a freelance designer and worked with one of the art studios in Denmark. It was inspired by a series of disconnected events starting with when I worked for LEGO many years ago as a freelance concept designer. It was at LEGOs design studios in Denmark I spotted a beautiful scale model of a crane, totally useless but non the less amazing in its detail, Davidson said. Years passed by and I came across the Arco lamp by those famous Italian brothers. I wondered why no one had approved upon this design which got me thinking about how else you could support a light shade in the middle of a room. The rest you can guess. The electromagnet and glass tube sculpture is my little addition to the German made 1:50 scale model of the worlds tallest crawler crane, he added. Crane Lamp by Charlie Davidson
This standalone 1:50 scale model of the world’s tallest crawler crane fixed to an electromagnet glass tube sculpture will complement the enterior of every room. It looks like a real crane found on construction sites. The crane is attached to a yellow piece that hangs from its tip and holds the light fixture in place. The light fixture itself looks like a bunch of sporadically placed crystals, adding some finesse to the piece. Crane Lamp will be showcased at the Salone del Mobile 2012 in Milan later this month and after that it will be available to the masses, for the price of approximately $4,000! [Charlie Davidson]

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