The Water Discus Hotel Emerges from the Depth of Dubai

Competition who will build the most powerful underwater hotel in the world does not stop. There are quite a few amazing underwater hotels in the world and amazing luxurious hotels. Some are already built and in business while others are still in the process of being constructed. Water Discus Hotel in Dubai, is one of these. Building company Drydocks World and Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult are working together to develop underwater hotels across the region including the Water Discus Hotel. Water Discus Hotel
Water Discus Hotel will look like a luxury spaceship on stilts. Designed by the Poland based Deep Water Technologies, giant underwater spaceship will consists of two spherical buildings one above the water level and the other 10 meters under it, connected by three legs providing stabilization and a long, vertical shaft that contains a elevator and stairway. The elevator takes guests 32 feet below the surface of the ocean, where the 21 hotel rooms, dive center and a bar are located. The rooms will feature a special lighting system and miniature underwater vehicles which can be operated from inside allowing guests to take a closer look at the underwater creatures using macro photography. Today, the advent of new technology made the heart of the ocean a setting not only for diving, but also for luxurious holidays, a BIG InvestConsult spokesperson said. Now the innovative concept of Water Discus Hotels makes it all possible. The Water Discus Hotel safety has been addressed to withstand both water currents as well as extreme conditions as tsunamis. In case of danger the underwater disc floats up. An international classification organization has been allocated to administer design, construction, technical and safety requirements of the hotel. There are Top Five Underwater Hotels: – Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida – Utter (Otter) Inn in Vasteras, Sweden – Crescent Hydropolis of Dubai – Poseidon of Fiji Undersea Resort, – Underwater Hotel in Istanbul

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