Meridian Audio’s DSP3200 and Audio Core 200 – Winning Combination

Very often, the hi-fi systems in the minimal form can be the best choice, of course if well done. One such example comes from Meridian Audio. The company’s Audio Core 200 stereo system connected to its new DSP3200 Digital Active Loudspeakers enable you to get the best sound in any environment. The Audio Core 200 is a unique piece in that it accepts both digital and analog sources but only outputs digital signals for Meridian’s own active digital speakers. In the shape of truncated pyramid and with the measures 11 inches a sidy by nearly 4 inches tall, the entire piece comes finished in either gloss black or white. Nine smart control buttons are spread out across the bottom of the front, with a green OLED display above them showing the function of the five middle buttons while the four outside buttons are fixed. A volume knob sits to the right of the keys and display, while a small power button is on the left. The central buttons that control the source selection are completely adjustable to suit your tastes. Easily connectable to any audio source, the Audio Core 200 even includes PC audio replay via USB. And, there is also a Meridian SpeakerLink input for the single-wire connection to a Meridian Scooloos Digital Media System. Also, it’s is fully compatible with Meridian’s i80 dock for iPod, and lets you play and control your iPod or iPhone via Merdian DSP active loudspeakers while it charges. The DSP3200 Compact Digital Active Loudspeaker are just over a foot tall and a little less than 10 inches deep and wide and they taper down towards the top from the sides and rear, and they come in high gloss white or black with the grills for the two drivers slightly domed up from the front of the cabinet. Located on the bottom of each DSP3200 are two SpeakerLink connections (in and out), which send balanced digital audio and control signals to Meridian’s powered speakers; a power connection to drive the dual 75-watt amplifiers; and a switch to tell the system whether the speaker is being used as a left, center, or right channel. Meridian quotes frequency response as 45Hz to over 20kHz with an output of over 105 dB at one meter. To connection it to the Audio Core 200 is very easy and quick. Perfectly suited to a wide range of room positions, the DSP3200 delivers an effortless sound that remains clear, open and spacious as it comes featured with wide-range driver that actually allows the DSP crossover frequency to be well used.
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