MB&F HM3 Poison Dart Frog Watch Inspired by the Yellow-banded Poison Dart Frog

On our site, you could read about many watches by Maximilian Büsser & Friends (MB&F – the company which each year designs and craft a radical and original horological masterpiece). The latest offering from MB&F is the limited edition Horological Machine No. 3 (HM3) Poison Dart Frog watch. Maybe, you remember its luxury wristwatch Horological Machine N°3 Frog, from 2010, but this time, it’s newest MB&F limited edition HM3 Frog watch is inspired by the Yellow-banded Poison Dart Frog. MB&F HM3 Poison Dart Frog watch comes in PVD-coated zirconium case set, with 18k gold accents in the form of case screws and the 22k gold automatic rotor – framed by an over-sized date wheel-on top of the Jean-Marc Wiederrecht designed piece. The the watch’s bulbous hour and minute domes reminiscent of the frog’s protruding eyes, so you can read the time without moving your arm. The scientific name of the small black and yellow poison dart frog is Dendrobates Leucomelas, but many scientists believe that it does not create the poison on its own, but rather ingests and then secrets the venom through its skin after eating certain spiders. It would be really interesting to use the watch as a defensive mechanism like frog’s. The watches come with black leather straps and are limited to 10 pieces. The HM3 Poison Dart Frog watches will be available exclusively through The Hour Glass, Singapore with a price tag of 129,000 Singapore dollars; approximately $104,000 US.
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