Davidoff Prestige Lighter with 182 Diamonds – Limited Edition

Davidoff has added two more exclusive lighters in its already luxury collection of Prestige Lighter. But these two are outperformed other lighters. You can choose between Lacquer Black/Diamond or Lacquer White/Diamond and both variants are set with a line of 182 diamonds, totaling 1.82 carats each. Extraordinary, no doubt!
Davidoff Prestige Lighter features a dual flame burner which provides for a wider flame perfect for lighting cigars. All lighters are made in France exclusively for Davidoff of Geneva. Limited to only 25 lighters of each model, this exclusive lighters will shock with the price of $19,500! Now, we have to wait Davidoff to launch other matching accessories, such as cutters and fine writing instruments, in order to achieve some $50,000 for whole set.
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