Celcius X VI II Optic GMT Furtif – 2nd Generation of Mechanical Mobile Phones

Celsius X VI II, creator of the first mechanical mobile phone has launched its 2nd generation of this unique pieces – OptiC GMT Furtif, based on the original concept. Although dubbed and has a function of mobile phone, such as telephony, messaging, address book, Internet sub-menu, email and camera, the accent is on the mechanical watch.
OptiC GMT Furtif by Celsius X V II features no more than three complications: Power reserve, fibre optic GMT indication and fibre optic date indication. The hours, minutes and power reserve are indicated in the main dial and sub dial (at 3 o’clock) whereas the GMT indication is located on a small window surrounding the disk of the GMT hours and the date is displayed on the bottom of the phone in a small aperture lit by a small L.E.D. At the first glance, it looks like date numbers emerging from nowhere. They are in fact inscribed on a rotating cylinder nestled at the heart of the micromechanical movement, and they are conveyed thanks to an innovative Image Guiding System, which is based on the optic fibres that enables the system to transmit a clear image from one side to the other. Optic GMT Furtif also features a  butterfly winding system that winds the watch movement on each opening and closing (each time it add 2.23 hours of power reserve), as well as battery ejection system, a main connector protected by a mechanical-locking flap, and cushioned screen-flap closing. Inspired with the Formula 1 motor-racing, Celsius X VI II OptiC GMT Furtif is limited to 28 pieces. With the price of $97,400, new mechanical mobile phone will be available in December 2012.

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