Elite by Stolichnaya The Himalayan Edition Pristine Water Series Vodka

Searching for the world’s most pristine water sources, to create the most exclusive vodka in the world, Stolichnaya had to went in the Langtang National Park in the heart of the Himalayan Mountains. The Himalayan Edition as part of Elite by Stolichnaya pristine water series is unique vodka of unprecedented perfection and exclusivity for discerning palate.
This first in a new collection of the Elit pristine water series vodkas is mix of the water, formed from the perpetual melting of snow that naturally filtered through countless layers of rock to an internal reservoir 3000 meters above sea level and the finest winter wheat harvested from the Tambov region in Russia. Elite by Stolichnaya The Himalayan Edition Vodka is limited to only 300 bottles. Priced at $3,000 and contained in hand-blown Czech bottles, each sealed with a decorative golden ice pick and housed in an individually numbered hand-made, walnut carved chest.
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