Dior’s J’adore L’Absolu by Jean-Michel Othoniel

This fall, the fashion house Christian Dior will launch a special edition of its iconic fragrance J’adore L’Absolu, whose bottle expresses so well its content. The famous French artist, Michel Othoniel in a collaboration with Delphine Arnault, who sits on the board of director LVMH, unveils the new look of the bottle of J’adore l’Absolu, which was created in the image of the fragrance inside: refined, voluptuous, exceptional.
Dior's J’adore L’Absolu by Jean-Michel Othoniel

France’s Jean-Michel Othoniel Unveils Artist Edition Bottle of J’Adore Dior

The original bottle of J’adore L’Absolu was also wonderful designed with stacks of thin gold bands forming a tribal-looking necklace, evoking the traditions of the Kayan Lahwi tribes, whose women distinguish themselves by elongating their necks with stacks of brass neck coils. Jean-Michel Othoniel’s ultra-precious version of the bottle loosens the constraints of the necklace, as if to say – Women are free to wear what they want! At the bottle’s neck, the gold thread collar has been transformed into an unraveling glass thread. Without beginning or end, it alludes to infinity and liberty. Othoniel choosed the Murano glassmakers of Venice, Italy to make the glass bottle, while completely adhering to the technical details. The wire and bead decorating his bottle are flecked with gold leaf, melted into the molten glass. Thanks to the glass-blowing method, each of these sophisticated Murano crafted bottles is unique. For Jean Michel Othoniel, the flacon is a jewel, a personal extension held in the hand, against the skin. For the artist, the flacon had to share that same sensual, carnal power of the perfume itself: “It’s a way to make a statement, to manipulate, moving with us when we move, but which nevertheless remains very precious.” Othoniel’s Artist Edition is limited to only 300 pieces and is available at the price of $3,500. Luxuriant and sophisticated, J’adore L’absolu sublimely enhances the intensity and sensuality of its floral notes in a perfume in which flower absolutes harmoniously combine: sweet and vibrant Damask rose, seductive and luminous Arabian jasmine, and powerful and voluptuous Indian tuberose.
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