Perfume for Babies by Dolce & Gabbana – Designed to Cuddle and Pamper Every Child

Dolce&Gabbana has launched a Baby Fragrance, a true family commitment

Babies smell even better with Dolce&Gabbana Baby Perfume

The sweetest scents of newborn baby is something unique and impossible to describe. People from Dolce & Gabbana don’t think so, since they announced plans to release a new perfume – designed especially for babies. Allegedly inspired by the softness of baby skin, the freshness of baby breath, a mother’s sweet hug, the first smile and designed to cuddle and pamper every little boy and girl, new Baby perfume will contain notes of citrus, honey and melon — and is alcohol-free for baby’s sensitive skin. D&G posted a photo of the bottle along with print ads for the fragrance on Instagram. Although Dolce & Gabbana says the idea is to enhance the baby’s smell (not hide it), but most of us think that we really don’t need a bottle of these things our child already possesses, and that’s one more marketing trick which will attract only rich snobs. A bottle of 50ml perfume will set them back $45! Surprisingly, this is not the first scent created for babies. Burberry and Bulgari already offer perfumes for babies.
Dolce&Gabbana has launched a Baby Fragrance, a true family commitment

Dolce & Gabbana wants to redefine that fresh-smelling baby scent

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