$240,000 The Little Mermaid Statue

Late last year, the BonCadeau Jewelry House has introduced a unique designer Faberge styled figurine collection consisting of 10 pieces (worth $4.4 million), made from the shiniest metal and the most precious gemstones. Now, once again, they found the way to preserve the Faberge traditions from oblivion, when created “The Little Mermaid” figurine. But no doubt, the most interesting is the idea and philosophy embodied in these masterpiece of the jeweler’s art.
The Jewelry song The Little Mermaid

The Jewelry song The Little Mermaid

Highly qualified jeweler, Chevalier Michael Perkhin gave the statue life and beauty of the underwater mystery. Using over 1 kg of precious metals (gold, silver, 24k gold plating, and rhodium) as well as 10 carats diamods, he managed to enhance the beauty of the mermaid statue and to create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere with a soft blue light LED built light. The 190 mm ​​x 150 mm to 160 mm Little Mermaid statue comes with the adapter and gift box made of precious wood. Priced at $240,000, it worth of pure beauty that dazzles our eyes as expected from Russian goldsmiths. [BonCadeau]
The Jewelry song The Little Mermaid

he Little Mermaid figurine is worth $240,000

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