Humphrey Bogart Lighter Gold Edition by S.T.Dupont

S.T.Dupont celebrates its 140 year, by releasing a range of a very special lighter as a tribute to two clients of S.T. Dupont, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, S.T. Dupont. Its a new thematic edition with a complete range of products for her and for him. S. T. Dupont Lighters are very technical products ensuring maximum reliability. The production of a single lighter requires no less than 70 components, 600 operations and 300 quality control tests.

Humphrey Bogart Lighter Gold Edition by S.T.Dupont

The Bogart ordered that kind of lighter in 1947 and now company has crafted a lighter inspired by that piece. It is a very sophisticated goldsmith decor with a combination of “grain d’orge” and shiny gold. The design is directly linked with our malletier heritage. It coming with an engraved blazon representing HB’s silhouette and Bogie signature. Humphrey Bogart signature is also slightly engraved on both products. ST Dupont signature is on the top of the cap. The lighter has a sophistication of the unique crystalline sound on the opening, the cling that has made this lighter a world-famous original accessory. If you want to live in Casablanca style you need to single out $1,700.

S.T.DUPONT celebrates its 140th year, by releasing a range inspired by a very special bespoke order in 1947

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