New 90m Yacht Concept by Zuccon SuperYacht Design

Zuccon SuperYacht Design, the new brand from Zuccon International Project proudly announces its new project: the 90m Luxury SuperYacht. Personally realized by Bernardo Zuccon, this new concept known as 90M/SYD is characterized by a very distinctive pattern, strongly architectural, focused on vertical surfaces and limited to a few essential drawing, resulting in a yacht with a sharp and captivating design. This stunning motor yacht (MY) is 90m long and 13,50 m large, and features a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. Its four decks, along with the Sun Deck, all connected with central large stairs and elevator are the main points of the yacht, while the Lobby area with its double heigh effects elicits a strong scenic impression.

90m Yacht Concept by Zuccon SuperYacht Design

In this case, great attention has been given to the external spaces’ equipment, both in the common and the owner’s areas. The transom door in the lower deck could be opened in three different section with access to an ample beach club, directly connected to the lobby by a hallway that goes through the garage and the engine room. The remaining deck is dedicated to the crew, with the exception of the Jolly area, which can be used either as a Cinema, Fitness room or a Spa. The main deck is entirely dedicated to the guests: a first wide living zone has been divided in three sections: a formal living one, a cinema and a bar area with two balconies. In this latter zone a great double height links optically the main deck with superior. Beyond the living area are four double cabins and two VIP cabins provided with a balcony. The life onboard taking place within the external space of the upper deck. A clever system of sliding glass-walls allows to transform the inner dining area into an outside dining area (patio), creating a unique setting that includes the big swimming pool and the large sunbathing area. On this deck also took place the cockpit along with the Owner’s cabin and studio, while on the aft part are the helipad and another relax sitting area with sunbeds and sofas. Going up there is the deck entirely dedicated to the owner, with a studio, spa, two large terrace (on the stern one, on the aft the other) as well as a huge fitness area, adjusted so to be used also from the other guests. According to the planning principles, the Sun deck is completely open and equipped with a Jacuzzi, a lunch area and an ample sunbathing surface.

90m Yacht Concept by Zuccon SuperYacht Design

Zuccon SuperYacht Design presents its new project: a 90m M/Y,

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