Andy Warhol’s Four Marilyns Sold for $34 Million at Phillips Auction

A director of the Gagosian Gallery, Victoria Gelfand was lucky bidder who won the race amongst 3 others and bought ‘Four Marilyns’ by Andy Warhol at Phillips auction for a price of $34 million.

Pop art is an art direction in contemporary art, which was created 60’s of the 20 century, and has its roots in Dada and Cubism. Literally means popular art, paraphrasing the ubiquity of culture in everyday life reverse the paradigm of everyday life in the arts, playing around with, then set up, the borders irrelevant and trivial.

Andy Warhol’s ‘Four Marilyns

The term pop art was first used in English art in 1958 when he described the postwar consumer lifestyle. Although better known American pop artists, the direction is parallel originated in two centers, London and New York.

After Marilyn Monroe’s death Andy Warhol spent four months making silkscreens based on a publicity still of Monroe from her film, “Niagara.” Fusing art with mass production, Warhol created brilliantly colored multiples of her image. Fascinated by morbid subjects and celebrity, he symbolized Monroe’s mortality, and her media saturation through brash, assembly-line reproductions of her face.

$34 milion will not be final because in this case, there would be an additional dealer’s commission which would finally take the price to $38.2 million.

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