Sealegs Boat on Wheels

These boats do not require piers and will be invaluable for water patrols and lifeguards. You can also buy this kind of vehicle for your dad for Father’s Day. For that took care Sealegs with its new boat on the wheels. Sealegs is a cool luxury boat designed to ease the transition between land and sea. The motorized wheels allow for a forward/reverse speed of around 6.2 mph, which is made possible with the onboard “24hp Honda driven hydraulic power-pack.” After you drive into the water the wheels retract upwards to sit above the water line, allowing you to drive the power boat just as you would any other. Sealegs Amphibious Marine Craft Sealegs made four different models. The 20.1-foot-long 6.1M D-Tube is meant for a more rugged and demanding fishing environment. It has a beam width of 7.8 feet and a cruising top speed of 40 mph. The 6.1M RIB is great for fishing, waterskiing and diving, while the 7.1 RIB (which is 23.5 feet long and fits eight people) gives some extra space for family outings. The 25.5-foot-long Recreation 7.7M CABIN is the biggest of the line, with a beam width of 8.7 feet and a top water speed of 42 mph. With the start price from $150,000, you can choose plenty of additional options, including a bait board for cleaning fish, a Lowrance HDS-7 for finding fish with sonar and GPS, and canopy cover choices. Sealegs Amphibious Marine Craft

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