Parking Spot In San Francisco Sold For $82,000

Growth of real estate prices in the U.S. reflected in the price of parking spaces, so a place to park a car in San Francisco sold for $82,000. Parking spot is a dimension of 8- by 12-foot, located in the garage of the building in the modern part of South Beach.

The building where the parking lot is near the baseball stadium San Francisco Giants. The media have not released the name of the owner of the parking spaces, but said that the unidentified buyer did not respond to a request for an interview.

Real estate agent Sean Sullivan recently sold parking space No. 142, located in a garage on Townsend Street, for $82,000

As real estate agents say, although the sum of $82,000 seems too high for a parking lot, it might be a good investment because parking spaces in San Francisco does not have enough and their price can reach $100,000 in a good neighborhood, and the cost of renting are in ranging from $400 to $450 a month.

In San Francisco has, otherwise, grown property prices. House prices have risen by about 22 percent in March compared to a year ago. In the U.S, only in Phoenix apartments are more expensive than in San Francisco. However, for some cities in the world, the price of parking in San Francisco is a breeze, as, for example, in Hong Kong, for the parking area you need to set aside a whopping $640,000.

A Porsche SUV is parked in space #142 Thursday, June 13, 2013, in a parking lot near AT& T Park in San Francisco

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