Ayrton Sena’s NSX On eBay

New Acura NSX will likely be extremely fun driving machine, and it will be interesting to see how they will keep the spirit of the original model, by which this model became famous. Of course, for those who want to experience the old NSX, there is the internet, and it should be noted that it often appears a copy of which is different from the others and that soon ends up in the hands of true fans of speed. Such is the case with a model of which we speak today, which recently went on sale on the eBay.

three-time world champion in Formula 1

The reason lies in the fact that his former owner is one of the greatest drivers that world has ever seen, the three-time world champion in Formula 1, the owner of several records at the fastest circus in the world, legendary Ayrton Senna. According to the seller, this Acura NSX from 1993, with close to 50,000 kilometers traveled, is one of three copies that Senna recived for personal use. One remains in Brazil, the second was placed in Portugal, while the third copy of the car, that you see in the picture, was parked in the garage in a villa near Estoril.

To make this extraordinary automobile became yours, it is necessary to set aside $73,700. There is no doubt that Senna’s NSX cause a lot of interest among fans of speed, primarily due to its links with the legendary driver. Especially due to the fact that the Senna worked closely with Honda during the development process of the NSX’s. With this in mind, its price is a breeze.

three-time world champion in Formula 1 three-time world champion in Formula 1

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