Ford Cars On Postal Stamps

For collectors of stamps each new release is an event. From across the Atlantic Ocean comes news that will be particularly appealing to car enthusiasts. As the summer finally came and the temperatures went up, we started with sending letters and postcards from vacation. The U.S. Postal Service has decided to refresh its range of stamps and, in their collection, included two stamps that pay homage to one of the most popular brands of cars that come out of this country.

Ford Cars On Postal Stamps

Of course, we are talking about Ford, and onĀ  the stamps is particular model from 1932. At once the car is photographed from the front, while the second from the back. These stamps are sold only in packages of 20 pieces, and if someone wants to get one in large format 20cm to 30 inches will have to allocate $ 20.

Ford Cars On Postal Stamps

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