Armored Mercedes S-Class Guard

Mercedes S-Class Guard is the latest brand from Stuttgart which is able to resist the attacks of ballistic levels 9 and 10. Production of armored versions of the S-Class started last year, and a Guard variant of the S-Class will be produced in Sindelfingen alongside other armored Mercedes cars. New armored model from Mercedes offers the handiwork of employees in Sindelfingen who’s already produced a number of ballistic resistant vehicles. Armored Mercedes S-Class Guard Among these are still the current S Class Pullman (VF 221), E Class (W212), G Class (W463) and M-class (W166), but all the above models are not so sophisticated as the latest copy of the Guard, which was prepared by Mercedes. New Mercedes S-Class is labeled with ballistic levels 9 and 10, and that means it is fitted with VR6/VR7 level that can support the attack of military weapons and assault grenades and similar explosives. Just windshield of armored S-Class is 100 mm thick and heavy 135 kg, while the car chassis is reinforced with 50 mm thick steel plates. Armored S-Class Guard for now is only available in the S600, and is 200,000 euros($270,000) more expensive than the regular S-Class. Armored Mercedes S-Class Guard

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