Piaggio’s Avanti EVO Twin-turbo Prop Aircraft

Piaggio Avanti EVO blends the very best of Italian style, peerless craftsmanship, and intelligent thinking to create an aircraft that stands alone for its values. This upgraded version of company’s Avanti II is the world’s fastest, most efficient, and most beautiful twin-turbo prop aircraft. With a maximum speed of 402 knots, this new aircraft is faster than many jets. Elegant winglets aid efficiency and enhance ramp appeal, new scimitar propellers cut noise, systems upgrades raise safety even higher, range extends up to 1720nm, and its environmental credentials grow even stronger with reduced fuel burn and emissions. Piaggio’s Avanti EVO Twin-turbo Prop Aircraft More than just beautiful and distinctive, Avanti EVO represents some of the most advanced aerodynamic concepts and manufacturing techniques in all of aviation. At the center of its efficiencies and innovations is the historic ‘3LS’ Three Lifting Surface design, which aids safety, reduces drag, and significantly aids efficiencies. Innovation in cabin technology and luxury, five floorplan choices, standard lavatory fitment, and options to tailor to your needs give Avanti EVO passengers an unrivalled experience in intelligent travel. Piaggio’s Avanti EVO Twin-turbo Prop Aircraft Avanti EVO brings greater range and flexibility to give operators and passengers more options and flexibility than ever before. A new Increased Range Configuration option raises range to a huge 1720nm (1979 miles, 3185km) to allow transcontinental and US coast-to-coast flights with just a single stop. Priced at $7,395,000, the Avanti EVO has reportedly secured three orders. First delivery is scheduled for October. Piaggio’s Avanti EVO Twin-turbo Prop Aircraft

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