Dyson 360 Eye, The Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson 360 Eye camera captures apartment, knows what is not cleaned up, and when finished, it store himself. Starting price of this wizard should be around 900 euros($1,150). After 16 years of research and invested $45Million, company Dyson has produced a smart robotic vacuum cleaner. It has installed camera by which captures every corner of your house or apartment, and a sensor to move around the room. So you can be sure that the cleaner will just vacuumed all the dust. Dyson 360 Eye, The Perfect Vacuum Cleaner
Sensors allow him to monitor what is cleaned and returned to the places that need to vacuumed. If it is full, it will send you an SMS to be emptied. Motor only has 100 watts and is not inconsistent with the new policy of the European Union, which has recently limited the maximum power of the vacuum cleaner at 1600 watts. Dyson 360 Eye will be on sale next year and will have the battery for half an hour of working.

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