Passport – BlackBerry’s New Genuine Smartphone

Canadian phone-maker BlackBerry released the Passport – new genuine smartphone, hoping that phone’s unique squarish design will stand out in the saturated marketplace. The BlackBerry Passport smartphone challenges the smartphone status quo with a largehigh-res 4.5-inch square touch screen and touch-enabled keyboard. At simultaneous events in Toronto, London and Dubai, BlackBerry showed off the device, which is the size and shape of a closed passport. Passport - BlackBerry's New Genuine Smartphone New gadget provides an amazing viewing and reading experience, giving you wider vision that unleashes your capabilities. It is designed for a better web browsing, reading, apps, editing and maps experience. BlackBerry said the new smartphone should be available in more than 30 countries by the end of the year, priced at $599 (£367). It will be carried by AT&T in the United States. Passport - BlackBerry's New Genuine Smartphone Passport - BlackBerry's New Genuine Smartphone

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