Audiovector R11 Arreté – Most Ambitious Danish Speaker Ever

Audiovector’s design team, headed by its founder Ole Klifoth have now realized a dream of crafting the refererence speakers for their development studios, from which all other speakers could be measured for their sound quality. After 30 years of research, engineering, and before all the rigorous process of listening, listening and listening, the prestigious R 11 Arreté Speakers were born. When it comes to new R11 Arreté, cost-no-object flagship speaker, everything is designed to produce the ultimate listening experience, from titanium to aircraft-grade aluminiu and 24K carat gold plating for anti corrosion treatment. Audiovector R11 reference speaker boasts bipolar radiation characteristics to achieve a wholly superior relationship between the sound and the room, while the eight ultra-linear subwoofer drivers, stunningly arranged at the rear, gives the sound an effortless weight, while never compromising on appearance. The teardrop shape design of speaker allows the non-parallel lines to eliminate all internal resonance, and reduces the need for excessive damping. Audiovector R11 Arreté, the $207,000 speaker, can now be built to order, with bespoke finishing options, to those who wish for the very best you can get.

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