Coca-Cola Light Loves Moschino

There’s an impressive list of top artists and designers who worked with Coca-Cola – Andy Warhol, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Chantal Thomass. Continuing this tradition, Coca-Cola light has teamed up with Italian luxury fashion house Moschino for its new collection ‘Coca-Cola light loves Moschino’, which was unveiled at this year’s Milan Fashion Week. Fashion designer Jeremy Scott, led his team in the creation of this special series which includes three different subjects (Cow Print, Eye Chart and Hearts), all simbolyzing the heritage of the Italian maison. Coca-Cola Light Loves Moschino – A Special Edition Just For Italy
With its iconic Hearts the famous fashion brand has brought a little of romance in the beverage’s world. The black and white Cow print has over the years become symbolic of the iconic fashion house. Eye Chart is the most innovative design by the maison. The graphic design goes to remember the tables used by ophthalmologists. The Coca-Cola light loves Moschino’ limited edition coke light will be available until December in 330 ml can, 500 ml bottle and 1.75L bottle, but only in Italy. In addition to these fashionable Coke cans, Moschino is having a contest where people can enter the code found under the bottle cap to win a jersey signed by the famous fashion house. Coca-Cola Light Loves Moschino – A Special Edition Just For Italy

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