Serial Lexus LF-LC Is Coming

LF-LC concept will in the near future become part of the standard Lexus offer, confirmed Toyota’s representatives. Some sources have claimed that Lexus with this concept, in fact preparing the market for a successor of LFA super sports, but it seems, that news have nothing to do with the truth. At Lexus, in fact, confirmed that the serial LF-LC will be much closer to “more normal” side of the Lexus models. It will be produced more copies than it was the case with exclusive LFA and its 500 pieces. Serial Lexus LF-LC Is Coming Lexus Vice President of the European Headquarters, Alain Uyttenhoven, for the British Auto Express has discovered that serial LF-LC design will be very similar to the concept, which is both brilliant and disturbing news. What if this dreaded grille survive “normalization” of design and appears on the production model? Serial Lexus LF-LC Is Coming Serial Lexus LF-LC Is Coming

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