L’Oréal Tsarina Collection by Karim Rahman

Karim Rahman creates Tsarina Christmas 2014 collection for L’Oréal Paris. Inspired by the splendor of Tsarist Russia, new collection offers a smoky eye glitter, a red mouth passion and imperial green nails with a pearl effect. Exclusive and opulent Tsarina line includes 16 references in total. If you ask yourself how to make a festive makeup with Christmas Collection 2014 Tsarina, here’s an explanation: L’Oréal Tsarina Collection by Karim Rahman
For the smoky eye glitter Start by applying the darker shade of Eye Shadow Palette flush with the lower lashes and blend with the pinceau.Ensuite, apply the eye shadow on the upper eyelid. Tip: to better remove the color, apply the finger. Use the golden color in the crease of the eyelid. Finish the smoky glittery applying the lightest shade in the palette in the inner corner of the œil.Pour a perfected, degrade the entire brush. For lashes, apply mascara from the lash loading generously. Start at the inner corner of the eye and go outside. For an evening look, apply the Top Coat Glitter gently dropping glitter on the bottom lashes and then top with the applicator. For the mouth passion red On the lips, apply generously lipstick finger tapping for a more impacting results. For a more intense look, use eyeliner to the upper lash and the entire length of the eyelid. Nail For nails, manicure for easy and elegant pearl effect using the Shaker Dazzle introducing freshly varnished nail in the shaker, shake well and your nail will be perfectly decorated. For a review feast: Apply Dazzle Shaker 1 or 2 nails. L’Oréal Tsarina Collection by Karim Rahman

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