Get The Celebrity Treatment At La Sultana Oualidia

Oualidia is a small village on the Atlantic coast, facing a salt water lagoon and beach where ocean and coast merge. Right at this place, you’ll find La Sultana Oualidia, a remote and peaceful idyll that overlooks a lagoon littered with pink flamingos on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Hotel La Sultana welcomes you in a well-preserved natural setting and modern and elegant accommodations. Even with just twelve bedrooms on four floors La Sultana doesn’t skimp on the luxuries. Built in the style of a Moorish fort, the hotel has two pools, a dramatic spa and stunning cuisine.
La Sultana Oualidia

La Sultana Oualidia

Sheltered by cliffs and bordered by green pastureland and salt-water marshes, La Sultana Oualidia sits in a location of great ecological importance. Perfectly integrated into its environment, the hotel has beautiful views of grass-roofed cabanas, the turquoise swimming pool and the shimmering blue lagoon. La Sultana Oualidia reveals herself only to the selected few who travel the world searching for exceptional places, who pause to savour the moment and fix it in eternity.

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