Honda CX500 by Auto Fabrica In Cafe Racer Edition

New creation from workshop ”Auto Fabrica” has attracted a lot of attention. It is a “custom” cafe racer runner named Type 8, based on Honda CX500 model. When it was introduced in 1978, Honda CX500 was both ahead of its time and controversial. Frame design many considered controversial, but obviously this was not the case for the people from “Auto Fabrica“, because they decided to keep it. The motorcycle has got a brand new exterior, which is further enhanced with the new suspension and wheels.
Honda CX500 by Auto Fabrica

Honda CX500 by Auto Fabrica

The front fork is shortened, was added a pair of shock absorbers, and a factory Comstar wheels were replaced with new ones. The design of the seat represents a masterpiece, but perhaps the most attention has attracted a new exhaust system. Made of stainless steel of high quality, goes well with a fully arranged V-twin engine.

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