Beautiful, Expensive And Doesn’t Work!

One of definitely most beautiful naked motorcycles that money can buy, will soon be up for auction, and expected a lot of interest for it. The name of this machine is Motul Onirika 2853, is based on the MV Agusta 800 Brutale motorcycle, and will look for a new owner on February 9 next year. Its name comes from the French world “onirique”, which means “like a dream” and represents the perfect blend of past, present and future of Motul brand.

Motul Onirika 2853

Rims reminiscent of classic cars, the front braking system has a clear industrial style, while hand-made fuel tank simply radiates modernity. When you are watching it, you would think that you need an entire fortune to afford it, but from the auction house says that the expected price will be between €25,000 ($26,000) and €30,000 ($31,300). It would not have been much that there isn’t one “little thing”. Motorcycle is sold as a work of art and, by definition, has no other purpose than to look nice. To simplify it a bit, the future owner will pay €30,000 for a motorcycle which doesn’t work!

Motul Onirika 2853

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