40 Years Old – Rare and Classic Macallan

The Macallan 40 Year Old is truly rare collectible Scotch whisky. The latest expression came about after The Macallan’s master whiskymaker, Bob Dalgarno, and his team decided to lay down an additional cask when making the 30-year-old Sherry Oak expression, in 2006. This is only the second non-vintage 40-year-old expression to be produced by the Macallan. The Macallan’s definitive wood journey begins in the forests of Northern Spain where we source the Spanish Oak in which this single malt is matured. Typically, the tree is nearly one hundred years old when felled.

Macallan 40 Years Old

After being sawn and left to dry in the open air, the staves then travel south where, after further air drying, they are fashioned into casks and toasted over an open fire in the cooperages of Jerez. Filled with dry Oloroso sherry, the casks are left to season for up to two years before being emptied and shipped to the Macallan distillery in Speyside. This journey from forest to distillery takes at least six years. At the Macallan distillery, the casks are filled with ‘new make’ spirit and left to mature for over forty years. Over this significant period of time, the spirit slowly matures into this single malt of great richness and character. Only 500 bottles have been produced and only 70 of those will be available in the USA.

Macallan 40 Years Old

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