Unique Beauty Of Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel

With the lake in front and Rocky Mountains behind, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise represents an entirely different vision of luxury … In this resort, it is always the season of joy, enjoying good food and drink, as well as the holiday that we all need. This picturesque hotel offers you rooms in the style of the nineteenth century, with a perfect view of the mountains or the emerald lake that only magnify its beauty.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel

The hotel itself is located in the middle of Banff National Park, so you’ll be surrounded by the beauty and nothing more. Your leisure time here you can fulfill with a variety of activities – hiking, horseback riding, skiing or snowboarding. Depending on the time of year during which visit this place – Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise will take care of your needs in a different way. The attention to detail here is really amazing, you will notice in every part of your stay – the perfect combination of top-quality wines with meals, to some personal whims that you have always wanted to achieve. If we take into account the view that we already mention here for the third time, we believe that you won’t have any reason to complain about anything while you’re here. What’s more, you will begin to complain about when it comes time to return home.

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