Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Cherry Blossom Available Only In Japan

When it comes to adding weird and wonderful flavours to carbonated beverages, we’ve seen Pepsi Japan come out with salty watermelon, lemon and mint and even amazing cherry blossom flavour, but Coca-Cola has been known for playing it safe, athought, recently released sakura milk tea. In order to make up for it all while we wait for Coca-Cola to make our dreams come true with sakura-flavoured Coke, the company has now revealed that they’ll be releasing a very special limited-edition bottle which will only go on sale in Japan.

Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are one of the beautiful scenes of Japan. Coca-Cola Slim bottle Cherry blossom design makes full use of the features of Slim bottle, and treats cherry blossoms of various color and shade all over the bottle gorgeously like a bouquet. Coca-Cola slim bottle has a drinkable size of 250 ml, a stylish shape which inherited a cold feeling of aluminum material and a concour bottle (glass bottle) which is a symbol of Coca-Cola It is a premium package that provides drinking comfort. It will be on sale at stores around Japan for a recommended retail price of 125 yen ($US1.12).

Coca-Cola Slim Bottle Cherry Blossom

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