Morgan EV3 Junior – Vintage Car For Kids

Founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, this British company charmed the whole world with their unique vehicles that remind us of the good old days … That is why we were surprised because of the announcement of production of electric vehicles. With the ability to accelerate 0-62mph in eight seconds, this beautiful Morgan EV3 is a massive hit since its first day. Today, the company Morgan wants to celebrate this new chapter in its history, presenting to us EV3 Junior variant.

Morgan EV3 Junior

Intended for younger owners of Morgan, Morgan EV3 Junior is completely hand-made, just like its older and bigger brother, but is equally attractive because of its body from carbon fiber, wood dashboard and a beautiful, hand-stitched leather interior. This amazing toy can reach speeds of 16 km/h, and comes in red, green or ivory colored, with black or tan-colored interior. If you want to match this mini Morgan with his older brother, you should know that it is possible, at low cost, of course.

Morgan EV3 Junior

Other elements that we must mention are the interesting lighting and authentic enamel badge that will surely put a smile on the faces of kids from six years and above. With the price of £7,995 (about US$9,950), each EV3 Junior will be delivered with a manual and a warranty period of one year.

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