Cadillac Pays $100 To Taste Some of Their Models

With the aim to increase sales and attract new customers, Cadillac, offers to the drivers in the United States a sum of $100 to test some of the models of the manufacturer. The promotional campaign was launched earlier this month and will continue until the end of April, and for a test drive so far have signed up thousands of American drivers. Cadillac
“This is our way to try to reach out to potential customers. In a market where there is great competition, people will buy a car, only if you persuade them to sit behind its wheel, try it and see its quality” explains vice president of Cadillac sales, Bill Peffer. To sign up for a test drive you need to have at least 21 years old, valid driver’s license and insurance, and owns a car that is not older than 10 years. Cadillac

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